Founded in May 2002, we are a keno entertainment company specializing in the Chicago area. Our keno products are quick and easy to become known and loved by the local people.

You can bet at a local convenience store. The KENO is a ready-to-play product that takes 45 seconds and 60 seconds, respectively, and wins when you pick the same number as we did.

Our random lottery rules, probabilities and all source code are monitored and certified by BMMtestlabs, an international accredited certification body. All the lottery processes and results are guaranteed to be open, fair and just. Certificate Report Number: POCKET.0308.21. If you have any questions about the certification results, you can confirm by clicking BMMtestlabs official website or by calling +1 800-791-6536. BMMtestlabs is an international accredited certification body established in the United States and having offices in more than 12 countries around the world. Over 30 years of experience in the industry have ensured that BMMtestlabs' testing methods and certifications are recognized by major licensees around the world.